Here is the the Griswold.  A solid, sturdy, smooth, stained redwood privacy fence he is the Ferris Bueller of fencing.  The sportos, the motorheads, geeks - they all adore him. They think he's a righteous dude."


Marcia, Marcia, Marcia.  Cool, cool, cool.  What a great way to accent an awesome Applewood MCM with a graduated stained Redwood decorative screen.  


Geoff is a tall drink of water!  Ladies love him and guys want to be him!  This charming son of a gun is an intricate redwood design with a urethane topcoat that pops.


Amber is the entire package.  Beauty, brains, an amazing sense of humor, and a wicked sense of style.  We dabble in facelifts and this home got the exterior upgrade that it deserved.  From the fence, to the entry, paint, and fixtures every aspect of this facade was transformed for one of our most gracious and awesome clients.  Click here to see a few more photos and what a hot mess it was before, and we say that in the nicest possible way.


Black is the new dark gray.  The Owens is a gloss black, sleek, stealthy, slatted double swing gate.  A mysterious structure.  A gordian knot wrapped in a riddle.


Gill, you had me at hello. Gill has a rugged horizontal design with a few "peeky holes" so he can keep tabs on his Hilltop neighbors.


Lovely little Lou is a fence both shiny and new!  A horizontal cedar fence with some silver shiny fun doo-dad lights attached between the slats.  


Eric is awesome, not only because he spells Eric with a "c", but he and his wonderful family fed us burritos and beer! This jet black number marker brings a smidge of Palms Springs into the heart of Hilltop.



Wow Lenny, where do we begin?  Lenny is an impressive gent.  He is a full patio remodel with custom decking, lightscaping, custom planter boxes, and a custom water feature.  He puts the "cuss" into custom, as in "Damn, that is quite impressive."



Jim is a gray two tone patio screen with a lime green racing stripe.  Whoever said it's not easy being green?  A frog puppet, are you really going to believe a frog puppet?


Justin is an excellent example of taking the lines of a sweet mid century modern home and extending via a horizontal cedar fence to create a long sleek facade.  Justin the client was very mean and teased me mercilessly.  Kidding!  He and his family were an utter delight to work with.


The Langley's (no relation to the Airforce base or CIA headquarters) are a super awesome couple that found this sweet MCM gem in Welby.  Much like the Justin above this flanking design works with the roofline to give the facade a low slung wide footprint.


The Eric is a fancy lad monument fence that introduces the world to an amazing home.  His colors and lines serve as a creative introduction to an awesome atomic abode.  Behind Eric stands the Jose privacy screen.

What about Bob? Forwards or backwards he is still Bob.  He wanted an entry gate that made a statement, he got it.  We opened a can of whoop-ass on this design.


Elegant and refined. The Dana is class with sass! Her taller twin sister will make her debut soon!


Erica is an example of taking a standard issue horizontal fence and giving it a shot of adrenaline.  A deep walnut stain, jut back, and graduated design give it the right amount of attitude.


The likable Luxton. An all around simple, solid, two tone horizontal cedar fence that works well with all styles of architecture. Voted "most versatile."


This monument is an attention getter for sure!  Redwood stained in a deep chocolate tone with a tangerine sherbet accent.  I would eat this number fence it wasn't made of wood.


Brighty (her real name) and Chris were a delight to work with, clients that ooze style! I have to go to the thesaurus for this one. This onyx fence and gate are resplendent, salient, arresting, ethereal, effulgent (that sounds like a dirty word).



Peter proves that a "utility" gate doesn't have to be a dreadful bore.  Peter is anything but.  He has a nice chocolate color stain on redwood with precise stainless steel screws as an accent.  


Bill is the privacy screen that is full of energy, dynamic, and a little eccentric. He is outrageously fabulous! Bill refuses to be ignored!


Megan is the "little black dress" of midcentury modern brick screens. A classic. Think Breakfast at Tiffany's in Palm Springs.  She is an integral piece of the aforementioned Lenny.


Danah is a Texan through and through.  And like all things Texas she is bold and makes a big impact, her colors don't run!  This monument fence was definitely not made in New York City.  Get a rope!


Dennis is a sultry, smoky, mysterious compound fence that keeps the peepers out and the privacy in.


Arturo is a 5 foot horizontal redwood privacy fence that is driving, dynamic, and kinetic on the surface. Beyond the gate lies the juxtaposition of a calm, tranquil inner peace.


Stan the simpleton.  Here is a good example of taking a basic horizontal design and classing it up by using a dark high gloss finish. Cool black, like leather on the Fonz.


Stacy is another brick privacy screen.  This job was two-fold, add to the curb appeal of a completely rad Arvada MCM while creating a nice little outdoor breakfast nook.   Have you ever been poked in the eye by a pine tree?  I have, and there it is in the center of the shot...just mocking me.

Adrian! Adrian is a charmer; his charisma and character make him stand out from the crowd. He is a unique monument fence that lights up at night. (Batteries not included.)  Kit is Adrian's counterpart. Kit is the strong, silent workhorse who prefers the shadows to the limelight.


Jeferey (with one F) is our entry level model. He is economical, his financial house is in order, he is a good investment, but to the untrained eye he looks just as dandy as his brethren. 


Honey is full of jazz, pizazz, and maybe even a little razzmatazz, we don't know.  Three 6x8 privacy screens serve as a backdrop for a colorful graduated number marker.


Jenna is a fierce, fiery redhead. Muy caliente, en fuego, Sriracha Redwood!


Torpol is from the future...the year 2000.  We are not sure of his origins.


Patti is a gray slatted entry gate with a "pop" of orange.  When we say "pop"  we mean bam, pow, splat, wowzers, that's a pop of color!

"The BB"

 BB is OG.  He is a baller, don't hate the player hate the game!  To legit to quit.  Can't Touch this.  Hammer time.

BB is OG.  He is a baller, don't hate the player hate the game!  To legit to quit.  Can't Touch this.  Hammer time.


RJ is the life of the party, a sleek, low-slung decorative fence. He is gregarious and calls out to the neighbors, "Hey come in and have a drink!" There is always booze in the blender.


Cynthia is such a great example of blending old and new.  A classic Victorian with a modern cedar wide spaced four foot fence.  Think Queen Elizabeth in a mini skirt, high heels, with a tattoo and nose ring...uh, maybe that's a stretch.


A fine upstanding member of the community. Dominic is a gentleman and a scholar.  He is a lean four footer accompanied by his partner a slatted and faced carport.


Here is a fence I built out of gold for the Canadian Prime Minister...kidding, just wanted to see if you are reading this far down. If you are, congrats!  This privacy screen is a stained cedar number built for a lovely client named Melissa.


You say that you cannot take an average mailbox and make it look cool?  I say balderdash! The McFeely was a fun one off project.  This modern mailbox was constructed with leftovers from a project for an outstanding client.


Erin is also one of our entry level models. Erin is a towering behemoth. He likes chilling in the backyard, drinking beer. He is a bro's bro. He does very well with the ladies!


 The Merman is another decorative monument fence, he puts the "Lou" in louver.  His bold colors insure that the pizza delivery guy will getta the pie-a to the right place-a!!!

The Merman is another decorative monument fence, he puts the "Lou" in louver.  His bold colors insure that the pizza delivery guy will getta the pie-a to the right place-a!!!


 This is the Ryan Seacrest of fencing. This fence is everywhere, and just like Seacrest, it is bland, banal, and a bore.

This is the Ryan Seacrest of fencing. This fence is everywhere, and just like Seacrest, it is bland, banal, and a bore.